Continued and Now Exclusively, all Coaches and Team Managers will need access to Horizon Web Ref to actively manage your schedules.  This program allows you to input games, make changes and cancellations.  Any time you add something or make a change, we are instantly notified.  What you see in your game schedule is what we see (eliminates worries about confirmations or who to get ahold of to make a change or cancel a game).

There is also an app for Droid/iPhone available for download to manage your schedules on the fly.

The best part.....IT'S FREE

If you haven't already received a username with temp password to set up your profile, please use the form below and we'll get you set up within 24 hours (hopefully sooner).



Email all questions to:

Manage your team's schedule with Horizon Web Ref​​

Instructions for Creating and Managing an Account to Schedule Referees

For Metro Detroit Referee’s Association

2.  Right Hand Side Menu – Member Login – New User Registration
3.  Complete User Form:
     a.  Association Number – 205357
     b.  User Type – Coach
4.  Leave a personal message that includes your age group and team name
     a.  (ie. 2002 Mt. Clemens Wolves, 2000 Michigan Ice Hawks (Red), 2009 Macomb Warthogs (AAU) )
5.  Submit Registration
6.  At this point we will receive an email that you’ve requested a registration.  We will approve and you will receive an email          back asking you to complete your profile.  Please make sure that your phone number is included in case we need to                contact you during the season.
7.  A mobile app is also available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store.  This will give you basic functions.  It is            best to make changes on your laptop/desktop.

 Inputting Games and Managing Schedule

1.  Log into your Horizon Account.
2.  Right Hand Side Menu – My Game Schedule
3.  Click “Add Games” from top.
4.  Complete Form with All Information.
     a.  If a visiting team is not listed, select TBA
     b.  Vouchered and/or Paid at the Game
          i.Yes – If you are paying officials at the game with cash or check
          ii.No – If it is a billed game (usually a house game) through the association.
5.  Click Add Game
6.  Review your schedule at -  My Game Schedule

 There are also tutorials and instructions available for review at that will show how to cancel games, make changes to your games (time/location/arenas), how to leave notes that the officials can see before your games, and how to leave us feedback on the officials that refereed your game.